Sunday, 10 March 2013

Clarification for those who need it.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

I didn't want to have to write this but it appears that I do. I won't speak on my own behalf. I don't feel like I have to because I already have and I told the truth. If you need more truth, I suggest you contact any or all of these three men:


...and they will tell you how I was when I was in India and they will tell you what they witnessed concerning me and Steven Padget. These are honorable men and they do not lie. The first two were my landlords during the second month of my stay and the last one is my rickshaw driver. If you have questions then ask them. If not, move on with me and let's continue as we have.

I will be happy to answer any questions in the comments section.




Laura said...

Amazing at this point that Vis has to go on about this and address yet example of what we choose to put attention and focus on, and what that then leads to for us.....

As he expresses, let's move on and be done with this. IMHO, if one cannot do that, perhaps it's time to move on to another sandbox to play games elsewhere. There are those of us who would like to move onward and upward, and allow Vis to concentrate on other divine matters.....

Gracefully ~

the gardener said...

I was remembering a friend from years ago when we both worked retail at this big family owned department store.

She and I really valued each other then as we experienced and witnessed a lot of crazy shit and without each other to validate our experiences with the same recall... without each other having the same memories we both agreed it would seem totally nuts what was going on in that work place and mainly directed at the two of us.

Helped us both survive it and be able to laugh at it and them together.

Visible said...

Yes, I'm sorry about this but there are readers that don't get how this could have happened. It mystifies them. Believe me, it mystified us. The people I left as references didn't get it either. We discussed it and none of us could place any reason of any kind for this happening.

It is because of this that I put them up as contacts. The second two are very spiritual people and the last reference is a childhood friend of the first reference. They knew each other in elementary school.

I'll not return to this subject again. I didn't read the blog posting and the comments because I was actually there and experienced the whole thing. I didn't want to have to get into it when people told me what was being said, even though now I understand that I only heard about a small part of what was being said.

In any case, there it is for anyone who still has questions and or doubts.

Laura said...

I respect and appreciate what might "need" to be offer assistance and clarity for readers so that there is passage through and out the other side. Let's hope this blog post wraps it up for all.....or if not, we move forward anyway....:-)) Thank you, dear Vis, for all your efforts in this matter.

Love ~

Visible said...

Thank you for your unqualified support and for being a real Sweetheart of the Rodeo at the sites.

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

I didn't need you to do this. If others did, so be it. I'll just say it again. I trust you, Vis. There's nothing else I want to say except that you gave us all a fascinating lesson in what India is and is not. Thank you.

Anonymous said...


Funny thing is, I have almost no idea what the supposed "offence" actually was... except for yelling out (Briefly) in the middle of the night on one or so occaisions and then commenting on an amazingly loud funeral for some schmuck who didn't deserve it, on one or two occaisions... and then the sudden "exit stage left" from some guy who suprised everyone (apparently) by hitting the road without saying goodbye....

That said, I'm not actually interested in any of this as described and the TRUTH you impart to me via your blogs, Vis, makes all of the previous, absolutely incomprehensible to me!


Hello? To anyone who is fretting about this BS. Whatever!

You're higher, Vis, on that spiral staircase than me and helping all of us to get to our ultimate goal. Thankfully, you're not "pissing over the rail" on those below. In fact, I beleieve you're helping us move on UP that spiral staircase!

Anyone who has read, "Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World" might be familiar with the former.

I don't know for sure, but I suspect that "Whatever" "Happened" it is time to move on from it.

Think I'll post this in the comments on "Smoking Mirrors" too for posterity.

Jim in FL

Visible said...

You know my policy on anonymous sniping. Your excuses are bogus and have nothing to do with reality. As I have mentioned more than once, readers would know very little about me, if I didn't tell them about things that happen on my own. Everything I have said is true. Deal with it.

Visible said...

Here is the email for one of the fellows mentioned in this posting and given in consideration of those who cannot or will not go to Facebook. The email for Yogi Ram can be given by this fellow- I couldn't find Yogi Ram's right off and didn't feel like going through the trouble. I'm really busy at the moment. That's up to those who have a need and you can damn well ask Karthik for it. I hope this will put the whole episode to bed and pleasant dreams when that happens (grin).

Anonymous said...

G'day Visible, my Friend,
Hang in there! You'll be right mate!!
NSW in NSW.....

carol said...

Dog Poet Transmitting...Hmmm....I've only just discovered you.......Hmmm.....
I'm blown away and so pleased to have found you. I honestly didn't realise that the truth really is out there and I'm not alone. So good to meet you and will be tuning in from this day forward. Very sincerely, an English Carol

Visible said...

Thank you my friend. Please stop by the other blogs. A new Smoking Mirrors went up today.

Anonymous said...

Les, I remember that you admitted in one of your essays when you were "airing out your dirty laundry" that you were diagnosed as being schizophrenic, and I am wondering if that is really true. Also, I can not find that article any longer, and would like to know where it is. It was an essay written several years ago after the fiasco in France with the SOTT crew, and you decided to write an essay talking about all of your bad points, what you had done in the past, basically to get the jump on anything negative that someone would say about you; do you remember this?


Visible said...

Uh yeah, I don't much see the relevance though; given that a great many artists are schizophrenic. There are all kinds of schizophrenic. It is a wide demographic. One's only concern about such things is whether it is benign or not; mine is.

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